PFD has been proudly supplying fresh and frozen meat across Australia to the foodservice industry for the last 20 years. Over the past 20 years PFD has made it a priority to build quality relationships with large mat processors and quality cutting rooms nationally.

The Challenge

PFD Foods wanted to design, build and deliver a new app which will showcase information about a number of PFD Foods’ fresh meat supply brands, including Beaumont, Sunday Creek, Tallarook and Oakdale.
The app will be used as a source of information about each brand and will present content about each brands product range, current specials, contact details and general information. In addition, the app will present more general content about wholesale meats, including the various cuts of beef and lamb, industry practices and regulations and sales advice for retailers. Aspects of content presented in the app will be drawn from a Wordpress content management system set
up and managed by Clutch Digital.

The primary audience for the app are PFD Foods’ own sales representatives, who will use the app as a sales tool when engaging with prospective and existing retailers. As such, the app will be
distributed outside the App Store and Google Play as an enterprise app.

The Work and Outcome

The app is essentially a content showcase, with content broken into a number of sections. The structure of the content was defined by PFD Foods and Clutch Digital prepared wireframes at different design stages. 

The structure of the content included distinct screens for:
- Home or Dashboard page, with an overall description of the app and prominent navigation elements.

A separate section for each of the four brands, with each section including:
- Brand overview, with logo, photo, title, description and other properties describing the specialisation for the brand.
- Product range, including a listing screens of all available products, with a separate detail screen for each product. Each product includes a photo, title, HTML description and other text and image properties. 

Clutch Digital delivered a PFD Foods Meat app that showcased the available content in a compelling and interesting way. The app is expected to be used during presentations by PFD Foods’ sales
representatives and should be very attractive and comprehensive, while still being very seamless use.

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