Director Melissa Juzva, together with her amazing team of passionate psychologists, have the unique ability of knowing how to effectively support children who are experiencing social, emotional or behavioural challenges in the home or classroom environment.

Melissa came to Clutch Digital with the challenge of a rebrand which really went back to ground zero. She wanted not only a new look and feel but she really wanted it to represent what she stood for as a business and a person. Fresh, professional and contemporary yet displays a warm and friendly culture to match their target audience - children, adolescents and parents.

STAGE 1 – Create the new logo and brand

We worked with Melissa to understand exactly what she wanted to look like, who she wanted to appeal to and the story she wanted to tell. To get to the heart of the brand, we had to identify its values, the current situation and its vision for the future. After a few weeks of back forward reviews with the SP team, we hit the mark with “The Venn Diagram logo”.

This colourful logo mark really breathed new life into the business’s look and feel, showcasing the many facets of working together to support a young person by using the bright new colours to connect to the services offered by Solutions Psychology. We then developed a simple style guide to ensure ongoing brand consistency in the communications look and feel. The guide outlined the rules of applying new and existing brand elements, such as colour palette, image selection and typography.

STAGE 2 – Website and Print Collateral

Using insights gained from the logo and brand development, we created the new website based around the brand and expanding the culture by sharing the Solution Psychology story with an exciting new home page and user friendly, informative information pages. The visuals used speak to the environment they represent and the passionate people involved in the whole business.

The positioning was designed to be flexible enough to work long term over many years and appeal to their clients with the aim to continue building warm and positive relationships.

E-commerce and Communications Launch

As part of the new website, Melissa was keen to launch their new shop.
This allowed them to not only share the amazing products they had developed but also created an extra revenue stream for the business. They can now communicate with clients and encourage them to discover special offers on different product items and promote their own custom products for purchase.

The new website is an exciting place to visit and is now at the heart of their online communication strategy. Together with regular social engagement, informative blogs and exciting new events, Solutions Psychology has achieved their goal of becoming leaders in their field by providing the highest level of psychological services.

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