AusChem has a broad charter to support, encourage and promote training and accreditation in the safe, effective, and efficient use of AgVet Chemicals.


AusChem Training were keen to review their current website and investigate the option to invest in a new website and marketing
strategy which not only considered the look/feel design of their
website but also aimed to build and drive brand awareness, increase
education and share information with it’s target audience about its
range of quality courses. The success of a new website is significant for the future performance and visibility of the business across Australia. 

Design & Website Build

The new design needed to focus on the target audience both locally and across Australia. It was created using the Wordpress platform, adapting a new look and feel based around the client’s brief and branding. AusChem Training has a strong industry presence and history which we were keen to retain and promote with a more contemporary look/feel. The design also needed to be ‘responsive’ and display efficiently across all devices - desktop, tablets/iPad and mobile.


One of the more challenging requirements was to include a state based event calendar for all events. This page needed to be updated by an administrator who could control all the state based event dates and update accordingly. There was also a requirement to include a provate login in page for Board Members to review and share content as required.

The end result was a strong industry looking website with a robust back end to suit. All functionality features were met and this really enabled Auschem to take their business to new levels of efficiency and customer engagement.

The new website allowed AusChem to focus on other goals such as:

- Drive traffic to the website & other media channels
- Increase AusChem’s overall brand awareness and reach by leveraging its marketing activities and course offers
- Position AusChem as a widely known provider of information and support to industries using AgVet chemicals across Australia plus
Local, State and Federal Government agency staff; SME’s and
corporate business.

increase in organic users
increase in organic session

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