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Customer Journey Mapping


To attract and engage with customers, you need to know what motivates them. It is very difficult to market to a target audience efficiently and economically without first knowing who you are looking for. You know your business and your customers better than anyone so we work together closely with you to make sure we structure the best plan possible to achieve your goals and get the ROI you expect.

Persona Mapping

Persona Mapping is the process of identifying your core customer groups to determine what influences how they interact with your brand, and what they need from you.

- demographic data
- buying habits
- lifestyle choices
- values and preferences

There will usually be 4-5 different user types for any brand or business. By looking at how they have engaged with your industry and your brand before, we can identify their needs and wants, and build in solutions to these requirements.

User Journey Mapping

User Stories

Once we have established your core personas, we can create User Stories for each customer group. These are short scenarios which identify the requirements we need to build into your digital marketing strategy.

We use Customer Journey Mapping to better understand how a customer interacts with your brand and website, at all stages of the buying process. Having a clear idea of this means we can make sure the right information is presented at the right time – by your website as well as other digital marketing channels.

Customer Touchpoints

During any customer journey, they will have numerous touch points with your business, both on and offline. Your social media channels, email marketing, search advertising or shop front all contribute to the customer journey, as do conversations with friends and family.

- Research on your organisation
- External sources of information
- Seeing advertising and branding
- Engagement with your website and other sources of information (such as brochures)
- Converting or purchasing your product or service
- Feedback on the experience

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